Since 1997 Global Fit has continued to develop and expand, acquiring a solid reputation for quality finishes and customer satisfaction. Being a privately owned and relatively small company, we are able to offer a range of tailored services that not only meet, but exceed the specific needs of the domestic, commercial and industrial customer.

Our mission is to ensure the same level of professionalism and commitment regardless of the size of the project, and to guarantee dedication to quality at a realistic price.



Here at Global Fit, we pride ourselves on our efforts to contribute to the modern day persona of operating in a ‘green’ and environmentally friendly way, and are very meticulous about our carbon footprint. With strict recycling and waste management programmes in place to ensure minimum material wastage, in addition to the production and consumption of green energy via our solar farm, we believe we are at the forefront of the push for other companies in our industry to operate with the same level of awareness and social responsibility.